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Success Story: William

Success Story: William

William Hoyt came to The Gardens of Easton after being hospitalized with pneumonia and failure to thrive. Upon arrival, William was deconditioned and had difficulty:

  • Getting in/out of bed: Required 25% assistance
  • Walking: Required 25% assistance; up to 100 feet with rolling walker; was a high risk for falls
  • Climbing stairs: Unable to perform
  • Wash and dress self: Required 75% assistance
  • Eating and swallowing regular texture foods; was at risk for aspiration pneumonia

Working with our therapy teams, William’s goals was to regain his strength so that he could return home and regain his independence! In less than a month of intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy, William was now able to:

  • Get in/out of bed and stand up from both a bed and chair with independence
  • Walk with a rolling walker more than 300 feet with independence
  • Walk up and down more than 15 steps with modified independence (use of a rail only)
  • Wash and dress himself with independence
  • Low fall risk when standing and walking
  • Ability to eat and swallow regular texture meals without signs/symptoms of aspiration

William demonstrated hard work, determination, perseverance, and commitment daily to achieve his goals. With strong therapy support, William has now reached his goals is set to return home. Our team is excited to congratulate William for his tremendous achievements here at The Gardens at Easton!

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