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Success Story: Eileen

Success Story: Eileen

Eileen Schisler came to The Gardens of Easton having been hospitalized with a worsening vertigo condition. Combined with a history of stroke, left-sided weakness, and nerve damage to her right foot, Eileen was unable to walk or maintain her balance.

In addition, Eileen was showing signs of significant de-conditioning and an inability to carry out acts of daily living (ADL), such as independently getting in and out of bed and performing self-care.

Working side-by-side with Eileen, our therapy teams developed a tailored rehabilitation plan with strategic objectives – our goal was to help Eileen return home so she can “live her independence!

Upon discharge, Eileen had met the following therapy goals:

  • Independently get in/out of bed and stand up from both a bed and chair.
  • Independently walk with aid of scooter at community distances.
  • Independently wash and dress herself.
  • Perform mobility at a low to no fall risk.

Eileen demonstrated hard work, perseverance and a daily commitment to achieving her goals. With strong staff and therapy support, Eileen was able to return home and “live her independence!

The therapy team is excited to congratulate Eileen upon her successful rehab journey and wish her the best of luck!

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